The High Priest of Indian Microfinance takes a walk

You could say he has found a whole new way to walk the talk. And Vijay Mahajan, considered by many to be the high priest of Indian microfinance, is taking it quite literally—some 5,000 km across rural hinterlands. The chairman of Basix, a microfinance institution (MFI), began a quiet 75-day journey on January 30 from Wardha, Maharashtra—on foot, public transport and by car. He wants to meet and talk to poor borrowers and get the real, grassroots-level answer to an existential question: has microfinance been good for the poor or bad?

report about vijay mahajan’s shodh yatra. reporting for this story, i was struck by the circumspection with which the industry now talks about itself.

mahajan himself is blogging about the journey here.