Worst over for MFIs?

reported for this story by my colleague atmadip on how the credit taps might be opening up again for the mfis. which is good for them. coz the last few months have seen mfi loan portfolios shrink as bank lending dried up.

At Chennai-headquartered Equitas, the asset base is down from 950 crore to about 660 crore since March this year. Or take Ujjivan Microfinance in the east. Its loan portfolio has fallen from 620 crore to 590 crore during the same period. Satin Microfinance, which lends in the north, has seen its loan book reduce from 230 crore to 195 crore, so far this financial year. “We are seeing that portfolio of most MFIs has shrunk substantially in the last one year,” says Alok Misra, CEO of M-Cril, which rates the portfolios of MFIs.