in the wake of Uttarakhand…

As the recent Uttarakhand disaster has shown, the relationship between development and the ecology cannot be regarded as a zero sum game. Not in this country, at least, which will soon be the most populous, and one of the countries likely to be the worst affected by climate change. Yet, state after state is brushing environment concerns aside – with the central environment ministry playing along. And one state where some of the most irresponsible tinkering with natural systems has taken place is Arunachal Pradesh.

the past few days have been spent in gujarat, researching my latest story. while there, i wrote this story based on all my arunachal reporting earlier this year for the times of india’s crest edition. it was a part of a larger package on how the country is making a mess of the env/dev tradeoff. to see all the stories in this package, search here for the 29 june, 2013, issue.


One thought on “in the wake of Uttarakhand…

  1. I read everything u write. What u mail me…many read u..and by god. I tell u. I am thsmkful u write. Consistently. Chasing stories. Sparing no one..

    We r in ahd..drop in of I r still here..or return soon. Smita

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