another update on the looming captive coalblock auctions

out today. this update on the emerging blueprint for coalblock auctions.

With the draft rules of the proposed coal block auctions in the public domain, a set of industry experts says things are getting muddled as the government tries to balance contrasting objectives…  “The government is again committing the historic blunder of tying itself in knots,” says Vinayak Chatterjee, chairman and managing director of Feedback Infrastructure, a Gurgaon-headquartered consultancy. He and other industry executives that ET spoke to outlined five major concerns.

these concerns are: might oligopolies resurface in the coal sector? should blocks be given free to government companies? is the government micromanaging these auctions? are the auctions being designed well? and, why is the government persisting with the captive coalblock concept?

on the tsr subramanian committee report

five years of the competition commission

the competition commission is one of the more interesting institutions to come up in india. it has a complex remit — to ensure fairplay in diverse markets. in a story out today, i take a look at its performance so far.

as can be expected, this aspect of the CCI’s functioning brings in a lot of criticism. lawyers find its non-codified approach befuddling, for instance. in this story, i argue that such an approach is desirable. and that the criticism for the CCI should lie elsewhere — in its lack of proactive action to take on the monopolies budding in sector after sector.